Sunday, November 17, 2013


My new book, Aquarius Rising, is now available on Amazon. The print version should be ready in a few days.

Here's a summary:

Out-of-work architect Nick Fellows never suspects a job interview will lead to a fight for his life. It begins when he receives an email he discovers is encoded with numerological numbers, sent to him from a mysterious company named Atlantis Revisited. Against his better judgment, he accepts an interview with them in a park in Manhattan. He's met by their strikingly beautiful recruiter, Lisa, who's only allowed to tell him that the company's primary focus is civilization building . . . and that their last architect was murdered. 
Immediately following the interview both of their lives are put in danger. But what could the company possibly be building, and who wants them dead because of it? The only thing Nick and Lisa know for sure is that they need to get to a place called Aquarius and Aquarius is rising.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Chater Family Reveals Their Favorite Elizabeth Chater Book

First born, Elizabeth Patricia, has two favorite books written by her mother: The Marriage Mart, and coming in a close second, The Elsingham Portrait. The Marriage Mart is a top seller, reaching #2 on Amazon for Regency Romance, but the family is often surprised by The Elsingham Portrait's lackluster sales--it's easily one of her best!

 The Marriage Mart The Elsingham Portrait                     

Daughter Eve Lynn's favorite book is A Course in Murder. The book is dedicated to her and her college roommate. Rumor has it that Elizabeth used them as models for the young sleuths in the book!

Son Kerry Michael’s favorite is The Gamester. The book is dedicated to Kerry, “Who loves the gamble.” The book was in the top one hundred on amazon for several months.

Jerry Chater’s favorite book is also The Gamester: “Wonderful characters and a great love story!”

Chris Chater, grandson and publisher, has two favorites: The Big Sling and A Place for Alfreda. For me the character of Alfreda is one of her best, a woman who is looking for her place in the world.

Lynn Gillespie Chater’s favorite is Lauren's Designs.  

Grand daughter Jennifer Perry's favorite is Emerald Love.

Customer favorite: The Gamester has achieved the highest ranking, staying in the Regency Romance top ten on Amazon for several months, reaching a high of number four. A Season for the Heart has sold the most copies and has the most consistently favorable reviews. It has been in the top hundred on amazon for several months.