Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dating in the Apocalypse: ?: "The Bitch"

Dating in the Apocalypse: ?: "The Bitch" is now available!

Did you know book 1 was award the "Five Star Seal" from Readers' Favorite?
Start the series now and you'll be wondering...who is The Bitch?

Only .99c!

Tom Collins, the post-apocalyptic paramour, has 24 hours to turn The Bitch over to the military or they’ll begin killing off every woman he’s ever dated, starting with Sarah. When Tom confronts The Bitch, she tells a sob story of what forced her to become queen of the clans, and then informs him of the cause of the pandemic, the real reason the military wants her dead, and how her father’s secret stash of gold could save them all. She’s willing to give up all her power for the one thing she’s always wanted: a date with Tom.

A novelette
Approx. 17,000 words.
Book five in the series.

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