Friday, July 7, 2017


For a limited time I'm offering the first two books of my award winning series, Dating in the Apocalypse, FREE on AmazonKindle, from July 7- July 10.

Pick up books 1 and 2 and see if you can figure out: Who is "The Bitch?"

You think your dating life is tough; Tom Collins is looking for the love of his life in the middle of an apocalypse! If he can overcome murderous clans, a slave-based economy, and a meddlesome mother who designs deadly dresses for women, he might just find “the one.” 

Winner of the "Five Star Seal" From Readers' Favorite.
A novelette. 
Approx. 18,000 words
Book one in the series. 

Tom Collins, the dooms day dater, just made a harrowing escape from the marauder-laden 33rd street mall, but now he has to go back to save Jenny. The attempt gets him into trouble with Midtown Clan’s leader, Murray, and Tom starts to realize that being Jenny’s savior isn’t easy. Later, Tom has to give tactical handgun training to a former cheerleading squad, hunt down a serial killer loose in his apartment building, and keep his eye on a Pomeranian named Peaches.

A novelette
Approx: 16,000 words
Book two in the series

Grab your copies while they're FREE!

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