Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dating in the Apocalypse: The Complete Series is now available.

If you've haven't already started the award-winning series, for a limited time you can get all six books on Amazon for only .99 cents. That's the same price as one book in the series! I'll only be running this reduced price for a short time, so grab a copy before it goes up to $4.99!


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I want to thank everyone for all your support while I wrote this series over the last year and a half. It's been a great journey. A very special thank you for these people in particular:

Jerry Chater, Kerry Chater, Lynn Gillespie Chater, Eve and Randy Blackwood, Laurie Boris, Whendell Souza, Helen Scoullar, and Jenny Scoullar. 

Thank you!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Little Free Library is doing big things for the local community

A guest blog by Jenny Scoullar.

A few months ago Chris and I stumbled upon Little Free Library. We were intrigued by some of the testimonials that we read about how these little libraries were making such a big difference and he wanted to see how Chater Publishing could get involved. I don’t think Chris realized just how much of an impact this seemingly innocuous collaboration would have on him, personally, and his writing…!
   The benefits of reading, for both adults and children, are well known – increased mental stimulation (which may slow the progress of Dementia and Alzheimer’s), memory improvement, longer concentration, advanced knowledge, better writing skills and stress reduction to name but a few. So, what happens to the people in countries where having access to a library is not the norm, or low-income families who do not have the finances to provide books for themselves or their children at home? Enter, Little Free Library!
   Little Free Library is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (recently named one of the top-rated non-profit groups by the Great Non-profit Organization) which has helped to build a network of more than 60,000 little libraries in over 80 countries worldwide. Anyone may take a book from one of these libraries or, indeed, bring a book to share – millions of books are exchanged each year across the globe. The libraries help to inspire a love of reading, spark creativity in those who partake and aid in building a strong community spirit. Even in countries where people have access to free libraries, like USA and UK, these Free Little Libraries are making a huge difference to communities, taking us back to a time when we used to talk to our neighbors, learn their names and invite them in for a cup of tea.
   So how does it work? Well, if you would like to start your own Free Little Library in your community, there are five easy steps:
  1. Identify a location and someone to take care of the library.
  2. Build your own library or purchase a library through Little Free Library’s online ordering service (the libraries range from $69 to $2,500).
  3. Register your library so that you gain access to their support network.
  4. Let your neighbors know about your cool new library (they’re the ones who will be using it, after all!).
  5. Add your library to Free Little Library’s world map.

   The city of Lake Worth in Florida has over 100 libraries for their population of 30,000 to enjoy – something for your community to aspire to perhaps?
   If you don’t have the time to start your own library right now, you can either donate financially through their website (your donation is tax deductible!) or you can use their world map to find a library near you and drop off some books. And that’s exactly what Chater Publishing did in September this year!
   Chris decided that he wanted to donate some of his self-published books. I pulled up the world map and realized that there were a handful of Little Free Libraries in the area that he had spent his formative years, so we decided to take a trip down memory lane.
   It was an inspiring and moving day because Chris hadn’t been back to that area since he left as a young adult. It was great to see all the old houses that he had played in with his friends, the curbs on which he had attempted (and failed!) some advanced skateboarding tricks, and the lockers at his old school where he had stored his first journals. He found it surreal to be back in the place which, without a doubt, had helped to sculpt his personality and ultimately guided him towards professional writing. He felt proud to be donating books that he had personally written, and it felt strange for him to think that his old teachers, school friends or their children, depending on their age, might pick up and read his books. And, to me, the best part of all: he left a little note in all the books in the hope that it might inspire the next generation of writers to take the plunge and follow their dreams, just as he has.
Inscription reads: 
"I grew up in this town wanting to be a writer, now you're reading my book.
If you enjoy it, please consider posting a review on Amazon.
Thank you, 
Christopher John Chater 

   But it turns out that it was Chris who was inspired! All writers will tell you that, from time to time, they will get writers block or “hit the wall”. When we made this trip, Chris was in the beginning phase of writing the sixth book in the Dating in the Apocalypse series and, as he will attest to, he was struggling. He had created so many wonderful characters in the first five books that he felt a huge amount of pressure to ensure that he did them justice in the final installment. But all that pressure was crushing his creativity and preventing him from writing.
   Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that can create a block or, in this case, remove one. Chris enjoyed his day of reminiscing so much (he came home with a mind full of memories and a heart full of love) that his creative channels began to open again. Book 6 started to flow (slowly!) and he started to feel confident again in his writing. It was wonderful to watch the transformation!
   Now Chris has completed the sixth installment, titled Ling: “The Scientist”, and he looks forward to donating the Dating in the Apocalypse series to Little Free Library once the final book is released later this year!

For more information on Christopher John Chater and to receive the first two books in the Dating in the Apocalypse series FOR FREE, visit his website.

You can also find him on
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Monday, October 9, 2017

TAKE THE LEAP: Chater Publishing Joins St. Jude Walk/Run to End C...

TAKE THE LEAP: Chater Publishing Joins St. Jude Walk/Run to End C...: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a leading force in understanding, treating, and ultimately defeating childhood cancer and other...

Chater Publishing Joins St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a leading force in understanding, treating, and ultimately defeating childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. September was St. Jude’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and many people from around the country came together for the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer at Liberty Station in San Diego, CA.
   We’d like to thank our friends, family, and fans who helped raise $355 in sponsorship for the Chater Publishing team. The money will go toward ensuring that the families of the children under the care of St. Jude will not receive a single bill for any treatment, travel or accommodation. Your money is truly making a huge difference in the lives of very deserving children. Thank you!
 Learn more about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital here: https://www.stjude.org/

Chater Publishing would like to thank these people for their generous donations for the Walk/Run and for Chris's St. Jude Birthday Donation:

Eve Lynn Blackwood
Kenneth Fait
Barbara Bohanek
Jenny Scoullar
Frodo Scoullar
Helen Scoullar
Gordon Scoullar
Leon Kaufman
Fiona Ross
Laura Blackie,
Lucy Witton


Free Books!

If you haven’t already started reading the Dating in the Apocalypse series, you’re in for a treat! The first two books in the series are free! That’s right, $0.00! Visit  www.christopherjohnchater.com for a link to your free books!



Big Reveal…
Great news! Writing is well under way for the final installment of the Dating in the Apocalypse series, and here is the title and summary of book six!

Ling: “The Scientist”

Tom Collins, Revelation’s Romeo, is freed from the military brig by the beautiful scientist, Ling, but the underground bunker they’re trapped in has been taken over by Crooklyn Clan. With only hours until the Earth is annihilated by a coronal mass ejection, Tom has to get Ling to the bunker’s command center, save Sarah from being forced into marrying Daryl, and rescue hundreds of women from becoming sex slaves for the most ruthless clansmen on the East Coast. Everything has been leading up to this, the final battle—and by the way, Mom wants to come too.


Rest assured that Tom will have his hands full in this last installment, and it’s coming soon, so keep your eyes open for the big launch!

Thank you!

Christopher John Chater

Friday, July 7, 2017


TAKE THE LEAP: FREE BOOKS!: For a limited time I'm offering the first two books of my award winning series, Dating in the Apocalypse , FREE on AmazonKindle, fr...


For a limited time I'm offering the first two books of my award winning series, Dating in the Apocalypse, FREE on AmazonKindle, from July 7- July 10.

Pick up books 1 and 2 and see if you can figure out: Who is "The Bitch?"

You think your dating life is tough; Tom Collins is looking for the love of his life in the middle of an apocalypse! If he can overcome murderous clans, a slave-based economy, and a meddlesome mother who designs deadly dresses for women, he might just find “the one.” 

Winner of the "Five Star Seal" From Readers' Favorite.
A novelette. 
Approx. 18,000 words
Book one in the series. 

Tom Collins, the dooms day dater, just made a harrowing escape from the marauder-laden 33rd street mall, but now he has to go back to save Jenny. The attempt gets him into trouble with Midtown Clan’s leader, Murray, and Tom starts to realize that being Jenny’s savior isn’t easy. Later, Tom has to give tactical handgun training to a former cheerleading squad, hunt down a serial killer loose in his apartment building, and keep his eye on a Pomeranian named Peaches.

A novelette
Approx: 16,000 words
Book two in the series

Grab your copies while they're FREE!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dating in the Apocalypse: ?: "The Bitch"

Dating in the Apocalypse: ?: "The Bitch" is now available!

Did you know book 1 was award the "Five Star Seal" from Readers' Favorite?
Start the series now and you'll be wondering...who is The Bitch?

Only .99c!

Tom Collins, the post-apocalyptic paramour, has 24 hours to turn The Bitch over to the military or they’ll begin killing off every woman he’s ever dated, starting with Sarah. When Tom confronts The Bitch, she tells a sob story of what forced her to become queen of the clans, and then informs him of the cause of the pandemic, the real reason the military wants her dead, and how her father’s secret stash of gold could save them all. She’s willing to give up all her power for the one thing she’s always wanted: a date with Tom.

A novelette
Approx. 17,000 words.
Book five in the series.