Sunday, May 15, 2011

Writers of the Future

I'll be attending the awards ceremony tonight in Los Angeles for the Writers of the Future Contest. It will be streamed live on the WoTF website tonight at 6:30. I was lucky enough to receive honorable mention for my story "Progenitor." This was my first time entering the contest. I had never heard of it previously and had always been suspicious of writing contests, especially ones that charged an entry fee. But WoTF doesn't charge. Also, the stories are judged anonymously, meaning that the judges don't know the names of the writers, to avoid favoritism. The judges, by the way, are the who's who of science fiction: Larry Niven, Anne McCaffrey, Orson Scott Card, and many more of sci fi's biggest names. I wish I had known of the contest earlier in my career. It's an awesome opportunity for writers looking to break in, and it also includes a helpful community. Winners are often catapulted to stardom: Dave Farland, Patrick Rothfuss, Steven Baxter and tons more. Check back later and I'll tell you how it went.