Monday, September 5, 2011

Amazon's New Look

Amazon is in the process of testing a new website design. It's a less cluttered, more tablet friendly page. For self-published authors this is gold. Now the emphasis will be on its digital products: books, music, movies, etc., and not on lawn chairs and fedoras for your cat. If you've ever tried to use a tablet, in my case a Nook, to search for something on Amazon, you know what a pain it can be. What's still uncertain is whether or not Amazon will continue to suggest items or feature best sellers. The "recommended" feature is a big help for self- publishers, so I personally hope that stays, but the page is still in its test phases so there is no need to jump to any conclusions.  It's also rumored that the new site is in preparation for an Amazon tablet, a device to compete with the iPad. The Kindles are fine, but my Nook is color and it can surf the web; but if Amazon comes out with a tablet, I bet it will bury the iPad.

Here's the good news: "The new site emphasizes Amazon's digital goods over its physical ones," the Wall Street Journal reported. "On the old site, a column of buttons leads users to both electronic content and physical goods, such as toys, clothing and sporting gear. On the new site, a single row of buttons advertises only digital books, music, video and software."

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