Friday, February 10, 2012

We've published a lot of books in the last month. Here's a recap.

Bait for the Tiger. A novelette, now .99c everywhere.

Infernal Triangle. Part of the Jamie Jarvis short story series. Bette Chater had a paranormal detective way before Psych came along. .99c everywhere.

Jamie Jarvis is on the case again. This time a car looks like it's crashed, but it hasn't hit anything. 99c everywhere.

Jamie infiltrates a monastic cult. FREE on Smashwords.

Operation Disaster is one of the science fiction stories Bette published in Fantastic Universe Magazine. Steve Vannevar has to travel back in time to stop a nuclear war. FREE on Smashwords. 

The Treasure of Mars. An alien wanders in from the desert and has great treasure to offer to save the children of its world. .99c everywhere.

Milady Hot-At-Hand.  Andrea disguises herself as a boy to investigate her sister and father's murder. 2.99 everywhere.

The Duke's Dilemma. In an attempt to save her younger brother, Lady Leslie fleas to London and into the arms of the Duke of Kenelm. 2.99 everywhere.

The Elsingham Portrait. Lonely librarian, Kathryn Hendrix, is taken back in time to occupy the life of Lady Elsingham.  2.99 everywhere.

The Runaway Debutante.  Matilda's father loses everything in a gambling debt, including her, but she courageously fleas for her freedom, becoming the personal chef and the delight of Major Bruce. As their love grows for each other, Matilda's past comes back to haunt her.  2.99 Everywhere.

The Marriage Mart. While Athena's grandmother tries everything to find her bookish granddaughter a husband, Athena makes an enemy of the most eligible bachelor in London. 2.99 everywhere.

Whoa . . .  that's a lot in just over a month, and there's still tons more to go. For now we're making sure all the books are exactly the way Bette would have wanted them, so please send me your thoughts or critiques on any of the books. Late this month my book Omegasphere should be ready to go (only a few months past deadline!), and plenty more Bette Chater books.  Enjoy!

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